by Brian Silvestro

cycling benefits

Riding a bicycle is not only fun but leads to a good healthy life as well. In this article, we’ve discussed how investing in a bicycle can benefit your health in so many different ways. We will discuss cycling benefits briefly. 

Health Benefits of Cycling 15 Minutes a Day


In order to fully exploit the health benefits of cycling, it is essential that you at least cycle for 15 minutes a day. You can simply incorporate cycling in your everyday routine by simply riding a bicycle to and from work. We’ve listed down the health benefits below when a person regularly cycles for 15 minutes a day;

  • It alleviates stress and anxiety
  • Improves metabolism
  • Helps combat obesity
  • Helps prevent heart diseases
  • Helps prevent Type 2 Diabetes
  • Fixes your sleep-wake cycle
  • Improves sex life
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Improves indigestion and gastric problems
  • Reduces risk of cancers by lowering risk of obesity and cholesterol
  • Longer life span

Below we’ve discussed the 5 major benefits of cycling in much greater detail. Keep reading.

1. Cycling Helps for Weight Loss

for weight loss

Cycling involves pedaling which involves moving your lower limbs constantly.

This constant movement of limbs helps in burning calories. You can easily burn 1500 calories if you cycle 15 miles/hour regularly for a week.

For effective weight loss, one must at least ride 14 miles/hour for 30 minutes daily to burn at least around 250 cal.

What are the benefits of cycling for weight loss?

Cycling is a fun and convenient way to lose weight fast.

Instead of driving or taking the subway, just ride a bicycle to and from your work or college. It will not only save cost but your precious time as well.

You don’t have to join a fitness club or gym to lose weight or if you have a busy schedule you are not bounded by time either. Simply invest in a bike.

If you live in a place with uneven terrain or hilly area, hybrid bikes are perfect to ride over any sort of terrain.

Moreover, you can always tag along your peers with you when going for a ride. This further enhances the overall fun experience of cycling.

The best thing about cycling for weight loss is that you don’t have to starve yourself or switch to another fad diet. Because cycling requires a lot of energy itself, you have to ensure you intake a sufficient supply of nutrients before you go on your commute.

In order to lose weight fast with cycling, you can simply increase your cycling speed or intensity.

2. Cycling Helps to Build Muscles

cycling for muscle building

Since cycling involves using your gluteus, hamstrings and quadriceps mainly. It is perfect to build lower body mass. Moreover, specific bikes such as the tandem bikes or hybrid bikes like we mentioned previously help to maintain an erect posture. This ensures your body is maintained in an ideal position while your legs are working out.

For optimal muscle building, you should ideally ride in hilly or steep areas. Riding against gravity requires more force and strength. Hence it is more effective.

Moreover, to achieve high intensity interval training effect, you can always slowly pedal or simply increase the intensity.

Apart from building gluteus and calf muscles, cycling also helps in toning your back muscles. As cycling involves maintaining your body in an erect posture, your back muscles are affected as well.

You can also build muscles at home by simply getting a cycling exercise machine. It works similar to a bicycle except you’re stuck at one place. You don’t even have to take out extra time or leave the house with a cycling machine. However, you’re deprived of the beautiful experience of riding a bicycle in a park.  

3. Cycling Prevents from Heart Diseases

Cycling Prevents from Heart DiseasesCycling is just another form of physical activity. Like any other exercise, cycling requires energy. In order to compensate for extra energy required by your muscles, your heart needs to pump at a greater rate.

This further helps to regulate your heart rate as well as increase blood flow through out your circulatory system. Because of increased blood flow to your body, the risk of myocardial infarction greatly decreases.

Moreover, cycling helps in an increased metabolic rate which further helps to cut down body fat as well. This lowers your LDL, triglycerides level as well. Hence, you are further prevented from ischemic heart diseases as well.

It also helps in regulating your blood pressure as well further preventing any sort of heart disease.

Overall, cycling is a very pleasant experience.

If you are riding in a park or surrounded by nature, it helps to alleviate your stress. Stress is one of the biggest risk factors of cardiovascular disease.

 As cycling helps to reduce stress, it again helps in preventing stroke or other heart diseases. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent heart diseases naturally.

You can further prevent heart diseases naturally by incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables diet in your cycling routine.

Apart from heart diseases, cycling also helps to combat obesity. Since obesity and hypertension are prevented from cycling, Type 2 Diabetes is also further prevented.

4. Cycling Improves Sex Life

cycling improve sex life

We’ve already discussed previously how cycling helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety not only affects your physical life but your sex life as well.

It helps to regulate stress hormones, ‘adrenaline’ and ‘cortisol’. These hormones can severely affect your copulation act if elevated. Hence reduced stress also means a better sex life.

Apart from stress, cycling regulates blood flow. For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, it is a great sex improvement exercise. It allows increased blood flow to their genitals which results in better stimulation as well. This improves the overall sexual experience as well.

 Similar case also applies to women as well. People who cycle or are involved in regular physical activity have been reported to have a better libido.

Moreover, cycling is overall a great way to enjoy long rides with your partner. A long ride in the park with your loved one can be a very romantic experience. Greater intimacy with your partner again means an improved sex life.

However, one must be careful about the bike they are riding on. With all the pros, if the saddle isn’t right or uncomfortable. It can cause damage to the rider’s genital region as well. To avoid suffering from this issue, refer to our top picks of different types of bike.

The bikes we’ve picked have gel padded and comfortable saddles which not only protect your pubis region but also prevent other shock related injuries.

5. Cycling for Better Sleep

cycling improves sleep

One of the major reasons behind disturbed sleep patterns is stress and anxiety. We’ve mentioned in this article several times how cycling helps to alleviate anxiety and the calming impact it has on the mind. Likewise, reduced stress levels result in a deep and a tranquil sleep.

Waking up early morning for a bicycle ride also helps to fix your routine. It helps to reset your sleep-wake cycle or the circadian rhythm which is responsible for your sleep.

Cycling helps to improve circulation throughout your body which not only improves your heart rate but your breathing as well. This greatly benefits people who are unable to sleep properly at night because of sleep apnea.

Flatulence can severely affect your sleep as well. Since cycling is beneficial for the body overall. It also helps in improving indigestion or flatulence. Hence, better sleep.

Reduced stress levels also means less nightmares at night. So thanks to cycling, no more waking up in the middle of the night all drenched up in sweat.

Disadvantages of Cycling

Cycling comes with great benefits. However, it has its sets of disadvantages too. Even though it overall increases your healthy years of life, one must be careful with the accidents associated with it.

Apart from that, in case if it is snowing or raining outside, you have no other option but to resort to a bus or any other mode of transportation. Or you have to suffer from the consequences of the extreme temperatures.

Moreover, if your bike is faulty or the saddles are uncomfortable there is a higher chance of sustaining an injury. Plus, it can lead to sprain in your back or calf muscles if appropriate posture isn’t maintained.


Riding a bicycle has numerous benefits compared to its disadvantages. The disadvantages associated with it can always be countered by simply resorting to appropriate safety precautions and investing in a good quality and durable bike.

You should always wear a safety helmet while riding a bicycle. And make sure the bike has comfortable seats and paddles. You can always refer to our top picks of different bikes in other articles to invest in the perfect bike.

All in all, riding a bicycle is great for your health as well as a fun exercise to incorporate in your everyday routine.