5 Best Folding Mountain Bike Reviews: The Ultimate Foldable Bikes Guide

folding mountain bikes

Bikes are amazing. The problem arises when you have to take them to places. To take a bike traveling you load it up into a trunk of a big car along with tons of other stuff. Very often, you also fear it might get damaged.

What’s the solution? A folding mountain bike.

We are here to tell you all about folding mountain bikes. Read this article further to learn what a folding bike is, what specs you should look for when buying a foldable bike, the advantages and disadvantages of buying and riding a foldable bike.

Furthermore, we have also included a list of the best foldable bikes, along with carefully researched reviews. Read on to find which bike is worthy of our time:

What is a Folding Bike?

A folding bike is exactly what it sounds like: A bike that folds. It is most commonly bought by people who travel frequently and like to commute short distances on a bike.

Foldable mountain bikes are the most common type of folding bikes available and they are also what we will be focusing on in this article.

Other than foldable mountain bikes, we also have electric folding bikes and many other different folding bikes as well.

There are many high-end brands that manufacture folding bikes for heavy users. Some of these high-end bikes include the Helix folding bike and the Brompton folding bike.

Some cheaper folding bikes also exist, which are more fitted for people who wish to try their hand at them or are not going to use them very often. These include the Schwinn folding bike and the Dahon folding bike.

When Do You Need a Folding Mountain Bike?

People mostly buy folding bikes so they can ride by them with ease. It can easily fit into the luggage and there is much lesser chance of a folding bike being damaged as compared to a non-foldable bike.

Another reason why people buy foldable bikes is when they wish to carry the bike with them after they are done commuting instead of parking it. This is because parked bikes can easily be damaged by oncoming cars and if they fall down.

Folding bikes are also much easier to stow away after being used for a while so people who live in small houses and not need the bike for long periods of time can store it in any compact space.

What to Look For In a Foldable Mountain Bike?

The first thing you should look for in a foldable bike is its compactness. After folding it up, it should not occupy too much space and should easily be stored in small spaces.

The second thing you should look for is the ease of foldability. The folding components of the bike should not be too stiff and neither should they be too loose. They should also not loosen up easily with time. Also, try to make sure that the bike does not rust since rusted parts are almost impossible to fold.

Another thing you should be wary of while buying a folding bike is to see how lightweight is it. The lighter a folding bike, the easier to carry. A heavy foldable bike is more difficult to use and much more difficult to carry as well.

Make sure that the bike fits your budget. It is recommended that you do not go for a high-end foldable bike if you won’t be using it much and if you are new to commuting with bikes.

Lastly, test the bike before using it seriously. Take the bike to your trusted mechanic if you need to fix anything or if you want to modify anything.

1Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bike4.1
2Xspec 26-Inch 21 Speed Folding Mountain Bike4.1
3Stowabike 20-Inch Folding City Compact Foldable Bike3.7
4Stowabike 26" MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension Mountain Bike3.3
5GTM 26" Folding Mountain Bike 7 Speed Bicycle Shimano Hybrid3.3$$Review

Advantages of a Folding Mountain Bike:


The very first advantage that we would like to point out is that most foldable bikes are lightweight folding bikes. This makes them ideal to carry without bearing a burden.


The second advantage is something we have talked about a fair bit already: It can be put away in small spaces. This is great for people with limited space in their homes and luggage.

Useful in Emergencies:

If you are away from home and need to commute back hurriedly, you can simply whip out your folding bike from your bag and ride to whatever your destination is! No need to wait for a cab or wait about the subway.

It’s Just Like a Regular Bike:

A foldable mountain bike has all the advantages of a regular mountain bike too! The only difference is that you can fold it!

Disadvantages Of a Foldable Mountain Bike:

Not as Sturdy as a Regular Bike:

Lightweight foldable bikes are usually much more flimsy than regular bikes. You need to be much more careful with them and there is always a danger of it not being able to bear your weight.

Tough on Rough Roads:

Because they are lightweight, it is difficult for foldable mountain bikes to go smoothly on bumpy roads. They also sustain more damage than a regular bike.

Might Make You look Dorky:

You might feel conscious when, after you reach your destination, you attract stares from people witnessing you folding an entire full-sized bike and putting it in your bag.

Where Can I Buy a Folding Mountain Bike?

You can buy a folding bike easily on Amazon. You can also buy a folding bike at Walmart or any other bicycle retailer as well.

Cheap Folding Bikes:

All the bikes we will be discussing in our review today are fairly cheap bikes. They can be bought by mostly low budgeted people.

These cheap foldable bikes are best used by people who are new to riding bikes or really need a foldable bike to fulfill their needs. We suggest you go elsewhere for reviews if you want to buy a high-end, expensive bike.

The Best Foldable Mountain Bikes:

  • Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bike
  • Stowabike Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike0
  • Stowabike 20-Inch Folding City Compact Foldable Bike
  • GTM 26-Inch 7 Speed Folding Mountain Bike
  • Xspec 26-Inch 21 Speed Folding Mountain Bike
Reviews Of the Best Foldable Mountain Bike

Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bike

Folding Mountain Bike

Claims and General Information

The Schwinn Loop is a 20-inch folding bicycle.

This foldable bike has a low frame and stiff fork so anyone can mount it easily.

It also has an Aluminium frame which makes it a lightweight folding bike.

The stopping system of this folding bike has powerful alloy linear brakes.

It is a 7-speed bike which makes it easy to ride up hills.

A nylon carrying bag for this bike is included in the packaging.

This Schwinn bike also features a pant guard and front and rear fenders.

There is a limited lifetime warranty included as well.

The weight of the bike itself is 41.1 pounds.


The bike is good enough to be ridden by tall and short people Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bikes

When the bike is folded, it can’t fit into regular luggage. You will have to use a separate bag for it if you are planning to take it traveling with you.

For a cheap folding bike, it is really easy to maneuver.

This makes it especially good on bumpy roads and with sharp turns and such.

It can easily be adjusted to your position and body so you are comfortable during the entire ride. If the bike is still uncomfortable, you can easily take it for an upgrade at your local bike shop.

The seat may be uncomfortable, and it may be one of the components that need a definite upgrade.

The brakes on this bike, though very good, need to loosen up so they can be used easily. In the beginning, we noticed that the brakes were really stiff and difficult to pull.

The bike is also not exactly durable and might break soon unless you use it very carefully.

When the bike is folded, there is nothing to hold it together, a clip or straps, anything. So you might want to buy some straps to hold it together, especially when you are traveling with it.

Overall, the bike is quite cheap and decent value for money.

What we Liked:

  • Good on bumpy roads
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easily adjustable

What we Disliked:

  • Not very compact
  • Uncomfortable seats
  • Stiff brakes

Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike

foldable mountain bikes

Claims and General Information

The Stowabike Folding Mountain bike has a 26-inch steel frame along with 26-inch wheels.

It also consists of a 26-inch suspension fork.

This folding bike is an 18-speed mountain bike.

The Stowabike Folding bike also features a 3-speed grip shifter.

There are Steel V-brakes present on this bike as well.

There is also a Steel handlebar with black rubber grips for a tight hold on the bike.

The bike comes in parts and therefore, needs assembly.

It weighs a total of 38.5 pounds.


First of all, we would like to bring your attention to the assembly of the bike. You should know that it is fairly difficult to assemble. You stowabike_26_mtb_v2_folding_dual_suspension_bikemight find it best to take it to your mechanic or a local bike shop, especially if you have never assembled a bike on your own before.

This foldable Mountain bike is great for a leisure ride. You can easily commute with it or ride along the bike track and your park and we assure you that you will have a blast.

This Mountain bike can also be folded easily.

It is compact enough to fit in small spaces in your house. Other than that, it is easily carried with you when you want to take it traveling.

Before you purchase the bike, you should also know that its brakes make a horrible sound when applied. It will probably go away on its own when you use it enough but it might be slightly inconvenient at first.

The handlebars and the seat of this folding bike can also be adjusted to fit in perfectly with your position. If it is still uncomfortable for you, you can have it upgraded according to your needs.

The seat of this folding bike is really comfortable.

The bike also has good aesthetic value as it is quite good-looking.

It is fairly easy to maneuver, which makes is great on bumpy roads.

The front wheel of the bike can hit your foot and might also wound it. So please try to adjust your position in a way that your feet and the tires don’t collide.

Overall, this bike is very cheap and good value for money.

What we Liked:

  • Good compactness
  • Looks great
  • Easy to maneuver

What we Disliked:

  • Brakes make a horrible sound
  • Wheel can bump with your foot

Stowabike 20-Inch Folding City Compact Foldable Bike


Claims and General Information

The Stowabike Bike is very easily folded.

It is also compact enough to fit in small spaces.

This folding bike has a 20-inch steel frame along with a 20-inch steel fork.

The Stowabike folding bike also features a 6-speedShimano gear system.

For your convenience, there is also a built-in carrying rack included.

There are efficient steel V-brakes for good control over the stopping power.

The bike weighs a total of 34.1 pounds.


We tried the bike out and asked around as well, and we can easily conclude that this bike is great for heavy people. Avoid bumpy roads if stowabike compact_foldable_bikesyou weigh 250+ pounds but people who weigh as much as 290 pounds say that they have no trouble riding it.

This folding bike is also fairly easy to assemble. Take it to your mechanic if you are unsure about the assembling procedure, otherwise, you can easily put it together yourself if you concentrate hard enough.

The brakes, though not of very high-quality, do their job just fine.

The seat on this folding bike is comfortable as well.

If the handlebars, seats or anything is not up to your expectations and comfort, you can adjust it till it is. Other than that, you can also easily upgrade any feature of the bike that is not suited to your expectations.

The bike is compact enough but one point of concern is that the handlebars don’t. This makes it quite difficult to carry around and stow away in small spaces like under the bed.

If you are a frequent rider, you will notice that it is really very durable and will often need maintenance.

It is quite heavy and bulky as well.

Overall, the bike is very cheap and good value for money as well.

What we Liked:

  • Great for heavy people
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great gears

What we Disliked:

  • Handlebars don’t fold in
  • Not very durable
  • Very heavy

GTM 26″ Folding Mountain Bike 7 Speed Bicycle Shimano Hybrid


Claims and General Information

This bike consists of a 26-inch steel folding frame. It is a high-tensile frame which makes the bike quite durable.

The GTM folding Mountain bike features a Shimano 7-speed shifter.

The handlebars and the seat height of the bike are adjustable for your comfort.

This bike is also easily foldable and quite compact as well.

It features efficient Steel V-brakes.

This bike comes in a total of three colors: black, blue and green.

There are front and rear fenders to protect you from harsh weather conditions and the dirt in the environment.

The GTM 7-Speed bike weighs a total of 34.2 pounds.


This is also quite an enduring bike and can take 200+ pounds of weight of the person riding.1gtm_26-inch_folding_mountain_bike_7_speed

This bike is also very easy to assemble. We believe you really don’t have to take it to a mechanic or a bike shop, you can handle the job yourself.

The instruction manual might hinder your efforts since it is not exactly easy to understand.

The fenders on the bike are quite pointless. They are flimsy and don’t really protect you from the environment all that much.

The pedals and the handlebars on the bike don’t fold either which hinders the compactness of the bike.

The brakes, gears, and seats are pretty decent quality. You can adjust or upgrade the features according to your needs.

Overall, this bike is very cheap and good value for money.

What we Liked:

  • Can hold a decent amount of weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cheap

What we Disliked:

  • Bad instruction manual
  • Flimsy fenders
  • Handlebars and pedals don’t fold in

Xspec 26-Inch 21 Speed Folding Mountain Bike

foldable mountain bike

Claims and General Information

The Xspec Folding Mountain bike features a Steel frame.

It is very easily foldable and not at all difficult to understand.

This bike features folding pedals which add to the compactness of the bike.

There are Shimano 21 speed shifters on this bike.

It consists of disc brakes.

There are also front and rear shock absorbers for bumpy roads and obstacles you can collide with.

People who are 5’3’’-6’00’’ tall and weigh a maximum of 200 pounds can easily use this MountainBike.

The bike itself is 42.5 pounds.


The weight limit of this bike is 200 pounds but we conducted tests of our own and figured out that this bike can easily carry 250 pounds xspec_26-inch_21_speed_folding_mountain_bikeswithout buckling in.

It is also really easy to assemble as well.

The tires of the bike are really noisy on gravel. The smoother the ground is, the quieter they are.

Because of the folding pedals, this bike is really compact as well.

The seats are not very comfortable, but they are still good enough for most people. You might still want to get them upgraded, if you are used to a better seat.

This folding bike can be easily adjusted and upgraded as well.

It is quite heavy and bulky.

The bike is not very durable either. You just might need to buy a new one after a year, if you will be a frequent user.

The bike is overall very cheap and great value for money.

What we Liked:

  • Can carry 250 pounds easily
  • Easy to assemble
  • Folding pedals

What we Disliked:

  • Noisy tires
  • Heavy


All the folding mountain bikes we reviewed are cheap and provide good value for money. These folding bikes are easily available on Amazon and can easily be delivered to your doorstep without any hassle.

Though all these bikes are above par, we believe that the best folding bicycle of all is the Stowabike 26″ MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike. If you read our review, you will notice it holds up to the Dahon folding bike review as well. It is a great purchase and it just might be the best bike for you.